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New York State – Third in Nation in Patents

New York state is third in the nation for residents obtaining patents, as of Fiscal Year 2012.  California is at the top of the list, with as many patents issued to its residents as the next five states combined.  Here are the top twelve states, and number of patents for residents of each:

CA    33,866
TX     8,731
NY     8,395
MA     5,983
WA     5,839

IL     5,025
MI     4,950
NJ     4,529
FL     4,364
MN     4,229

OH     4,129
PA     3,851

Other states, farther down the list, who are New York neighbors have results as follows:

CT     2,212
VT       495
RI       378

New York’s total is up from 8,026 in FY 2011.

The totals of Patents Issued to Residents of the United States, by state were reported at Table 8 (p. 181) of the “USPTO Performance and Accountability Report – fiscal year 2012” which can be accessed at the USPTO web site,