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Intellectual Property (IP) includes all creations of the human mind that have – or could have – commercial value

Let us help you take advantage of the Intellectual Property Assets in your business!

Intellectual property and patents are the lifeblood of any successful business. You can build a brand based on these ideas, concepts and inventions to separate you from the competition and to improve your financial future. IP is property, just like real estate, vehicles, or equipment — and like other property rights IP rights give your the right to exclude others from using your property without your permission.  IP ownership rights can be bought, sold, pledged as security, or leased.

Create an Effective IP Strategy

IP Assets are what makes your business yours, and sets you apart from your competition.

An effective IP strategy should be consistent with your business objectives.  Achieve your objectives by taking steps to protect your work, your creations, and your brands as business assets.
Find out what types of protection are available, what applies to your own situation, and what you can exploit.
Take stock of your own IP inventory and the IP assets you own, so you can claim them.
Your IP counsel can introduce you to useful databases, such as those found on public websites.

Secure the IP Protection You Need

Take stock now of your important IP Assets!

Discuss these protective steps with us as your IP counsel:
Explore trade secrets and confidentiality agreements to keep proprietary business information from your competition until you can secure proper legal protection.
Assess the advantages and disadvantages of all protective IP options to find a winning strategy to protect your IP assets.
An effective strategy usually involves a range of IP options, such as seeking a patent on a process or product, obtaining a design patent on a product design, or developing a branding strategy based on a trademark or service mark registration.
If someone else owns the technology you need, it may be possible to purchase or license it.
These options can provide you sufficient time to develop brand recognition and customer loyalty and to develop new products and services.

How Can I Protect My Intellectual Property?

Long Term Trade Secrets –
Some intellectual assets and commercial procedures — such a recipes, formulas, customer database, or customer buying patterns — can only be protected by keeping them secret.  But secrecy alone might not stop your competition from inventing a similar product through legitimate activities.  Your IP counsel can discuss how trade secret protection can be properly backed up with signed confidentiality agreements, employee secrecy agreements, and well-documented security procedures.

Patents —
These are granted on new, useful, and non-obvious inventions for processes, products, compositions, or devices.  Utility patents have a term that expires 20 years from filing, with adjustments for some of the patent examination delays.  Patents for designs, which cover the appearance of a utilitarian article, have a 14-year term. The US has adopted a “first-to-file” rule, so an early application filing date can be crucial.  For an extra fee, the USPTO can put your patent application on an expedited, or “Track One” early examination path.

Trademark & Service Mark Registrations —
These secure rights to your company’s or your product’s brand, logo, or slogan, and they protect against a competitor’s use of a similar mark that would be likely to cause customer confusion.  Well-known trademarks have additional rights.  Registrations must be renewed each 10 years as long as the mark has continued in use.

Copyrights —
This protection covers any original expression that is written down or recorded, such as books, manuals, artwork, photographs, songs, computer programs, and architecture.  A copyright term is generally for the life of the author plus 50 years, and protects against copying or reproducing.  Ownership of copyright is automatic upon creation of the work in a fixed medium, but registration is a prerequisite to legal enforcement.  Statutory damages are available if the copyright has been registered prior to an infringement.

Intellectual Property is what Makes Your Product and Business Unique

IP makes you the customer’s better choice.  Protect your innovations, services, and distinctive brands and designs that help you get a competitive advantage.
Maximize the value of your IP by making it an integral part of your business.

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