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IT Inventors??

Monkey photographers are not “authors” and the images or frames they happen to take cannot be copyrighted. Machines (e.g. Artificial Intelligence or AI) are not “inventors” and cannot obtain a patent. Only the original expression and the inventions and discoveries of actual humans can be legally protected, according to recent judicial rulings. However, non-human tools, including Artificial Intelligence, can be used by humans to create writings, images, and inventions, and  those persons’ work can be protected by copyright or patent. But some of these could not be created without the help of AI. How much legal protection can be attributed to the operations of the computer hardware and software is not at all clear. The law seems to be in a sort of flux about artificial intelligence and the ownership of what they create. I suspect there will be a great deal of case law developing in the near future. I will try and stay apprised, and update readers on this when there is enough development that it can be explained and understood.